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[Cb Response] Cloud Update Notification: 6.2.3 Server Release and 6.1.7 Windows Sensor Release

[Cb Response] Cloud Update Notification: 6.2.3 Server Release and 6.1.7 Windows Sensor Release

Update 8/9/2018: The roll-out of the 6.2.3 Server to cloud instances is still in progress and will extend into next week.

Hello all,

The Cb Response Cloud Team will begin the upgrade to the 6.2.3 server release in the cloud starting on Sunday August 5, 2018. We will be updating instances on a rolling basis throughout the maintenance period. This is a maintenance release addressing bug fixes and stability enhancements. A few things to bring to your attention:

  • We’ve enhanced Query functionality from the UI, providing a mechanism for CbR console administrators to block resource intensive queries. The blocking features, both from cb.conf and through the console, applies only to interactive searches in the console. Searches executed via the API, existing watchlists or feeds will not be impacted by these settings. The Blocking Setting will be on by Default, and can be disabled by Global Admins in the Settings menu.
  • Additionally, watchlist enhancements include feedback in the UI if a watchlist times out. 
  • Many other small improvement and bug fixes throughout the product.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Cb Response 6.2.3 Release Notes.

     Starting with 6.2.3 Release, we are combining the Cloud and On-Prem release notes into a single document.

Here is additional documentation, updated for 6.2.3:

Additionally, the 6.2.3 server release contains the new 6.1.7 Windows sensor. The release contains the following changes/fixes:

  • It resolves slow boot times on machines running the Windows 10 1803 build.
  • Additionally, it addresses high memory consumption by the CbR Windows Sensor running on machines.
  • The release also addresses some conflicts with machines running Cisco AnyConnect VPN while running the CbR Windows Sensor

For more details, please check out the release notes here:

It is always recommended that you adopt a phased roll-out of this sensor in-line with your organization's software deployment best practices.


The Cb Response Cloud Team

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15.08.2018 no files yet present on the download servers, no 6.1.7 no 6.2.3!?

We are quite in a hurry to upgrade to 6.1.7 as we have various installations with the boot time problem!

Also we had the DNS/CPU issue in 6.1.6 which in the release notes of 6.1.7 are not present!

In hope that those files will be released soon(today)

No update available for me either.

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