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Cb Response: Linux Sensor EAP Call for Participants

Cb Response: Linux Sensor EAP Call for Participants

Hello All,

The Cb Response team is looking for on-prem customers to partner with us on an Early Access Program (EAP) for our latest Cb Response Linux Sensor (Note: Cloud customers will be addressed separately).  This sensor release represents a leap forward in product quality and stability on the Linux platforms we support today (namely RH and CentOS).

If you have interest in participating, please contact me at jfalck@carbonblack.com with your contact information and organization’s name.  I’ll respond with additional information related to the EAP and set up a quick call with you to discuss.

***Important Note: Our early access programs are limited in scope, not all customers who show interest will be able to participate.  Please reply ASAP if you’re interested.


Justin Falck

Technical Product Manager - Cb Response


Hi there,

Please send an email to jfalck@carbonblack.com with your organization's name and I will reach out directly.



Hi Justin,

We are starting a sensor deployment to our server landscape in January. In total we are deploying over 100k sensors which include Linux servers as well. If you can guarantee more stability and better product quality I’m interested to know more, however Guinea pigging a solution that has yet to be proven is not something we’ll choose.

Two quick questions that come to mind:

§ If not participating in this EAP, what is the scheduled release window for this newer version?

§ What would potential downsides be for our rollout?

Best Regards,

Djuun Osinga

Project Manager

Center of Excellence, Philips Information Security

High Tech Campus 43-2b, 5656 AE Eindhoven

E-mail: djuun.osinga@philips.com<mailto:djuun.osinga@philips.com>

Upcoming leave: Dec-27 till Jan-06

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