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Cb Response Linux Sensor v5.2.18 Release Notes

Cb Response Linux Sensor v5.2.18 Release Notes

The Cb Response Linux Sensor v5.2.18 Release Notes document provides information for users upgrading from previous versions as well as users new to the product. It consists of the following sections:

  • Installation Instructions - Describes installation instructions of the linux sensor
  • New Features – Describes new and modified features introduced in this sensor release.
  • Corrective Content – Describes issues resolved by this release as well as more general improvements in performance or behavior.
  • Known Issues and Limitations – Describes known issues or anomalies in this version.
  • Contacting Technical Support – Describes ways to contact Carbon Black Technical Support and what information to have ready.
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     Can you please validate that the repo for RHEL 7 has the new sensor for Linux available? I am showing that it is not:


No package cb-linux-sensor-installer- available.
No package available.


@kehayes please see Cb Response Cloud Cloud Update Notification 6.1.9 and 5.2.18 6.1.9 and 5.2.18 are targeted for General Availability on 11/29

Running into issues pulling this down.  Getting the following error:


Uploading Enabled Repositories Report
Loaded plugins: product-id, subscription-manager
This system is registered with an entitlement server, but is not receiving updates. You can use subscription-manager to assign subscriptions.


Here is the current BaseURL:


We are on the 5.3 Server currently if that matters.

@sievers That is likely an issue with the RHEL subscription that needs to be looked at. Try the following command to find out more information:

sudo subscription-manager status

System Status Details
Overall Status: Current

@sievers, lets try the following to see what is enabled.

subscription-manager repos --list-enabled

Do you get the same error when using the stable baseurl?


yum clean all

yum install cb-linux-sensor-installer-5.2.18* --downloadonly --downloadir=<pathtodrop>
If the above doesn't work, would you be able to paste the contents of the /etc/yum.repos.d/CarbonBlack.repo for review?

I got it to work.  It looks as if my CarbonBlack Repo got disabled.  Re-Enabled it with the subscription manager command.  All is working.  Thank you for your help.

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