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Cb Response Unified View 6.1.3 User Guide

Cb Response Unified View 6.1.3 User Guide

This document describes how to use Cb Response Unified View. It assumes you are familiar with the Cb Response software. This document includes the following chapters:

Chapter 1, “Introduction,” introduces Unified View concepts, architecture, and terminology.

Chapter 2, “Installing Unified View Server,” provides Unified View server requirements, and describes how to install Unified View and its configuration settings.

Chapter 3, “Managing Clusters,” describes cluster management tasks in Unified View.

Chapter 4, “Operating Contexts,” explains the concept of “operating context” in Unified View and its significance in using the product.

Chapter 5, “Managing Users,” describes user management tasks for the user store in Unified View.

Chapter 6, "Server Configuration Settings," describes configuration settings for Cb Response Unified View server.

Chapter 7, “Command Line Tools,” describes the Unified View actions you can perform on the command line as an alternative to within the user interface.


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Change log for the September 2018 update to the Cb Response 6.1.3 Unified View User Guide:

  1. Added a "List of Tasks" section.
  2. In the "Introduction" chapter, corrected the logging data retention period. Unified View logs are stored for 7 days.
  3. In the "Installing Unified View Server" chapter, added a mandatory step to the installation procedure to disable or delete CarbonBlack.repo after installing the RPM package. This step must be taken to successfully install Unified View.
  4. In the "Installing Unified View Server" chapter, added an "Upgrading from an Earlier Release" section. This contains information about removing older, "Cb Fed" versions of Unified View before installing the current version, and was previously only in the release notes.
  5. Other minor corrections and improvements were also made.

Note:  This is a documentation update only and does not coincide with any product changes.

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