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Cb Response Windows Sensor 6.1.6 Release Notes

Cb Response Windows Sensor 6.1.6 Release Notes

The Carbon Black Response Windows Sensor version 6.1.6 Release Notes document provides information for users upgrading from previous versions as well as users new to the product.

Version 6.1.6

First publication: April 23, 2018

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Does this update contains the fix for BSOD driver failed initialization as well? We have noticed one Win Server yesterday experiencing BSOD. It's running on 6.1.4 sensor. Thanks

>• Adjusted the health score algorithm with contemporary baseline values. [CB-17724]

is there a meaningful enumeration of statuses somewhere that admins can access?

or an explanation for health score values =)?

Hunting for this answer, will update once I know more.

has 6.1.6 be released?

is it possible to whitelist programs on this version?


is there a reason why this version isn't updated over here ? Supported Carbon Black sensors and agents

ie. Windows Server ?

Please start adding how to update to the latest sensors in the release notes.  The documentation is a mess and I can never find the correct syntax to download the latest sensors.

Hi sgtbilko​ - the feedback is appreciated and efforts are presently underway to include the download and installation instructions in the release notes. Any other specific feedback regarding release notes is always welcome (either here or directly) at any time.

Thanks. ~Hutt

Is there a way to download a package for the new sensor so we can deploy at our leisure ? 

mgoodacre​ - on the Sensors page > in top the right hand corner once you have selected a group you will have the Download Sensor Installer function.

Yep, I am tracking that.  What I am looking for is an actual exe file that I can use to push out through a different method if this automatic feature fails.


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