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The Linux agent installer files points to the 7.2.0 Linux agent, is that correct?  Does this release of 7.2.2 still not include an update Linux agent? 

That is correct, 7.2.2 does not include the 7.2.2 Linux agent installer yet.

The announcement email I received says

You should use the Patcher (ParityServer_7.2.2_Patch_2_Build_1199.exe) to upgrade from 7.2.1 and the server setup (ParityServerSetup.exe) to upgrade from releases prior to 7.2.1.

Does the Patcher actually update from 7.2.1.x to 7.2.2.x or do you need the Full Installer?

Apologize, the email should have stated "You should use the Patcher (ParityServer_7.2.2_Patch_2_Build_1119.exe) to upgrade from pre-GA 7.2.2 and the server setup (ParityServerSetup.exe) to upgrade from release 7.2.1 or prior."  The online announcement is accurate: Announcing availability of Carbon Black Enterprise Protection v7.2.2

After what seemed to be a successful upgrade to our dev environment from 7.2.1 P13 to 7.2.2, I now cannot connect to the console as it appears something has changed within IIS causing redirect loops. Is this expected behavior or documented as a possible issue with a workaround/solution?

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