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Enterprise EDR Getting Started Guide

Enterprise EDR Getting Started Guide

Start using Enterprise EDR in five basic steps

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This is a handy guide, thanks! Do y'all have one of these for CbR? 

Hello @jh185282 - I am checking to see if we have similar for CB Response.



Are all of the TAU-TINs posted here on the community exchange automatically made into "curated watchlists" that we can subscribe to?

@gpessolano - There is not a feed currently where queries/rules from tau-tins are automatically placed. Some of them are already present in feeds, and some are not necessarily as high fidelity.  Also, the team has a finite number of queries they can deploy as “Watchlists” or “threat reports”, so they reserve these for queries that they believe will provide the most value to the customer.


@jh185282 - I have been told that there is not currently similar available for CB Response, but that the first few bits of the User Guide could help for now.

Understood. Thank you for looking @esullivan

Will sensor 3.4 be available on the console soon?


Very handy guide.  Do you have anything similar to CbD?




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