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General Availability of EDR TAXII Connector 2.0.0

General Availability of EDR TAXII Connector 2.0.0

Hello all,

Carbon Black is pleased to announce the general availability of the EDR TAXII Connector 2.0.0. With this release, EDR TAXII Connector 2.0.0 introduces support exclusively for STIX/TAXII protocol 2.0/2.1 feed that has reporting format changed from XML to JSON. This is a new connector with an improved and standardized configuration environment.

Do NOT upgrade from older EDR TAXII Connectors prior to this release. Please remove the prior EDR TAXII Connector version first, before installing EDR TAXII Connector 2.0.0. Please see for installation details.

EDR TAXII Connector 2.0.0 does NOT support STIX/TAXII protocol 1.x. If you need to support STIX/TAXII Protocol 1.x in XML format, please continue to use EDR TAXII Connector 1.6.7.

Thank you,

Carbon Black EDR team 

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