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Linux App Control 8.6.0 Host Package Installer Download

Linux App Control 8.6.0 Host Package Installer Download

February 4th, 2021 - VMware Carbon Black App Control Linux Agent 

Below you will find a link to the 8.6.0 Linux Host Package Installer, upload this to your App Control Server and from there you can deploy 8.6.0 to your Linux agents!

Note: The 8.6.0 Host Package Installer can only be used in conjunction with the CB App Control server v8.1.4 or later.

The build: - Release

SHA-256 Hash: 1d868ffc172e35dc12b1ec79c09bfba94284b2327eae18376d52f38dd254bdde

Click here to download 

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The download link for this version is not working either.  (I just posted a comment on the 8.5.4 download page as well.)  THe error on this page is different.

type Status Report


Apologies.  We are days away from migrating off the backend that is currently hosting these files (they are too large to host natively on the community platform.)

Can you please try: https://sflinks.carbonblack.com/73EZkcMS3yY/  

download successful - user error, was on a vpn gateway that didn't support the link, once off vpn, worked as expected

Appreciate the detail as I think others may be experiencing that same issue w/out knowing it was VPN related.

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