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Linux App Control v8.7.0 Agent Installer Download

Linux App Control v8.7.0 Agent Installer Download

April 29th, 2021 - VMware Carbon Black App Control Linux Agent 

Below you will find a link to the 8.7.0 Linux Host Package Installer, upload this to your App Control Server and from there you can deploy 8.7.0 to your Linux agents!

Note: The 8.7.0 Host Package Installer can only be used in conjunction with the CB App Control server v8.1.4 or later.

The build: - Release

SHA-256 Hash: e63e0fb3e167fd0bc30b0354302380f8a6267e755f47b929541ba652cc01f8e3


Click here to download

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What is the supported Linux versions ?

The newest version for Linux I can download is version
In the Carbon Black App Control "System Health" it tells me that we should be running

cb linux.jpg

Where can I get the new version ? 

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