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[On-Prem] Announcing General Availability of Cb Response Unified View v.6.1.3

[On-Prem] Announcing General Availability of Cb Response Unified View v.6.1.3

Hello All,

Today, the Cb Response Team is announcing General Availability of Unified View v.6.1.3.  This version enables Unified View support for 6.x series servers/clusters and includes general UI, stability, and performance improvements.  For more information and details on how to get the new version, please check out the release notes and the user guide:

One important note: This version of Unified View works only with servers/clusters running Cb Response Server versions 6.1 or greater.  This version does not support Cb Response Servers running 5.x.

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.  Please post back here with any comments on your experience.  For issues, please contact Cb Technical Support.


The Cb Response Team


Just setup 6.1.3 on our server and created user accounts for all of our team members with generic passwords. Sent a note out to everyone telling them to go login and change their PWs. First user who tries responds back and tells me it's erroring out on him when trying to change his password. I tried to change mine and got the same thing. No errors in the logs that I can see.

Hi Brad -

The team ran a quick test and we weren't able to reproduce it.  Can you open a support case for this issue? 


I opened a case with support.

I think I found out how you can reproduce it... Add a user via the CLI, which doesn't have an option for adding an email. Then try to change the PW for that user. It will fail.

After adding an email to a user's account I'm able to change the PW.

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