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Quick Tour of Cb Response 6.1 UI

Quick Tour of Cb Response 6.1 UI

Hi All,

This video provides a quick walk through of the Cb Response 6.1 UI.




It looks like the video got cut off as it end mid-sentence when looking at the Process Search page.

Great overview!   Some awesome enhancements made to the product.

Looking forward to 6.1 in our environment.  Thanks for the video overview.

Looks really nice,I'm looking forward to the upgrade.

the video seem to work ok for me all the way through.

Cannot play video.
Is there YouTube link ?

It is a MP4 file that available for download. 

For the love of gawd, record the audio with something that doesn't pick up the "thunk" of every keypress and mouse click. The flurry at 2:38 drove me away completely. Unwatchable.

Hi All - Yes you can download the MP4 file, or just click 'View' to watch the video and it should load for you.

Hi John, We're sorry the audio was distracting. I'll connect with the team to see if there's something they can do to remove the background noise.

Thank you for the update. I look forward to the kickoff meeting with the CB Team on 5/24 to begin the project.

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