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RHEL 7.5 Support

RHEL 7.5 Support

Red Hat released RHEL 7.5 today and Carbon Black is actively testing this GA release with Cb Protection and Cb Response. We do not currently support 7.5 in either product.  We will update this post on Friday, April 13th.

Cb Protection

We know that our 7.2.3 Patch 4 agent does not support the 7.5 release, however, we have been working on code changes during the 7.5 beta to support it. We are currently validating those changes with the 7.5 GA release.

Upgrading to RHEL 7.5 will prevent the kernel driver from loading and as such any upgraded system will not be protected. If possible, please wait until we release a new Cb Protection agent before upgrading to RHEL 7.5.

Cb Response

5.2.15 and 6.1.4 do not support the 7.5 release, but they do support the 7.5 Beta.  We are actively testing these changes on the 7.5 GA release.

Upgrading to RHEL 7.5 will result in an unprotected system, as the sensor module will not load and collect events.  RHEL 7.5 support will be provided in the upcoming release of CbR sensors 5.2.16 and 6.1.5. 

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Do you have additional updates to this message? Looking for 7.5 compatibility timeline. Is there a beta product I can utilize?

Also, any info on when the CbR Server can run RHEL 7.x? Per What is the minimum Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel required for support of Intel Purley Platform ba... , there are also some CPU dependencies:

Minimum kernel version required for support of the Intel Purley Platform with the Intel Skylake CPU's is as follows:

Support “end of life” for CentOS 6 is Nov 30, 2020 per


Have there been any updates or a timeline on when a new agent will be released?


Check out this article from support and see if it helps.

[Cb Response] Cloud Update Notification: 6.1.5 & 5.2.16 Linux Sensor

We have the agent running on our internal machines and so far, so good. We are currently targeting a release for June 8th.

We are anxiously awaiting this release as well.  CBR is currently our main sticking point on this update. 

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