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Repository of Carbon Black App Control 8.x Documentation & Downloads

Repository of Carbon Black App Control 8.x Documentation & Downloads

This document serves as a repository for up-to-date Carbon Black App Control  8.x installation media and documentation. The most recent server version is 8.6.2 and 8.5.8, and the most recent agent version varies based on agent type. See list below for specifics.

NOTE: This site, along with the respective software and documentation, has been rebranded. CB Protection is now known as Carbon Black App Control.  Products older than version 8.5.0 are still referred to as CB Protection.

IMPORTANT: Versions 8.6.2 and 8.5.8 are a result of a serious vulnerability found in server versions between 8.0 and 8.6. If you are on an 8.5.x or 8.6.x server we recommend that you upgrade to either 8.5.8 or 8.6.x, immediately. For more information, please visit our Official Announcement for this vulnerability 

Carbon Black App Control Server Installers

Carbon Black App Control Agent Installers

Carbon Black App Control Release Notes

Latest Release Versions

Name Version Release Date
App Control Server 8.7.2 Oct 21, 2021
App Control Server 8.7.0 Aug 31, 2021
App Control Server 8.6.4 Aug 31, 2021
App Control Server 8.5.12 Aug 31, 2021
App Control - Rules Installer 1.10 Aug 31, 2021
App Control - Windows Agent 8.7.0 November 2, 2021
App Control - Linux Agent 8.7.4 October 21, 2021
App Control - macOS Agent 8.7.0 November 11, 2021


Latest Documentation

All Carbon Black App Control Documentation resides on VMware Docs. This site will continue to provide the documentation for versions prior to 8.7.0.

Carbon Black App Control Documentation prior to 8.7.0

Server, 8.6.0:

Server, 8.5.4:

Server, v8.5.2:

Server, v8.1.10:

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Please update this post.  The following documents are more current (as at 25th June 2019):


CB Protection 8.1.4 - OER (Operating Environment Requirements)

CB Protection 8.1.4 - SQL Server Configuration


I wasn't able to find an updated Supported Integrations document (possibly one doesn't exist).

@sjwalters updated, thank you!

There is supposed to be a hot fix server version, does anyone have any information on where I can find it?

@nvantuss  Please open a support case if a hot fix is needed.  We do like to confirm it's right for the issue prior to distributing.

Hope this helps.

I do have a case opened, Nathan just sent me the link, thank you.

is that a link to release version 2

Can anyone point me to the upgrade procedure for upgrading from CbP 8.1.0 to 8.1.6?

CB Protection Server Installation Guide has those steps in it.


@dorrba as @snownndsunshine mentioned, you can find that info here: https://community.carbonblack.com/t5/Documentation-Downloads/CB-Protection-8-1-6-Server-Installation... under the Upgrading from a Previous CB Protection Version section.


Anyone have a test plan for server and agents? we are planning to upgrade to 8.1.6 was wondering if there is any documentation around test cases. Thanks


Could the table be updated to include the Rules Installer version and release date?


@jtait  - what say you @csamet ?

@jtait @esullivan  Done!  

@csamet appreciate it sir!

Much appreciated! @csamet @esullivan 


After upgrading to, how soon after will the agents be updated? For some reason all agents are marked as upgrades disabled?  How can I fix that and have all the agents upadated. I have uploaded the latest ver of the agents as well.


Please see the attached images that I have uploaded.Rules_AgentVer.PNGComputers.PNG

Thank you for your help.


@hdeassis  You will need to re-enabled agent upgrades under System Configuration -> Advanced Options -> Cb Protection Agent. Normally when you do an upgrade, the automatic upgrade option gets disabled due to the amount of traffic agents can generate while upgrading.


Thank you for your help. I'll try that and report back.


Hey Guys, where do I find the SQL Performance Tests mentioned in the SQL Config guide ? 

The link in this article is broken




Advice from VMWare PS Manager in Sydney, says the tool is no longer used.
If thats the case then the CB Protection SQL Configuration Guide 8.1.10 , page 15 needs revising to remove the SQL Performance Test. Also the SQLIO tool has been replaced with the CBPTest-V3...

Updated content for version 8.5.0, which also included rebranding.  This site was rebranded accordingly.

Replaced 8.5.0 doc links w/ 8.1.10 doc links



I had planned on upgrading our servers to 8.1.10. Can you provide the link to download this server update?





Hello Stuart

Unfortunately we only post a link to the latest installer version. 

If you want to install an older version, please contact Customer Support and they can provide you the older installer.

~ Brittany

I am planning to upgrade from 8.1.6 to 8.5.8. I am trying to download but getting failed after sometime. Can you post the link to download the installer 8.5.8?

Is there a way to be notified when a new version is released or do you just need to keep an eye on the Website? Maybe like an email or a flash heading across one of the App Control Sites?    Thanks

@esullivan  Excellent feedback, thank you, my friend. Happy Holidays and a healthy New Year

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