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VMware Carbon Black EDR 7.4 Operating Environment Requirements (OER)

VMware Carbon Black EDR 7.4 Operating Environment Requirements (OER)

Important: This document is being posted prior to general availability of this release. Please monitor the User Exchange for the official release date.

This document applies to all 7.4 versions.

This  content supercedes all previous OERs and applies to all 6.x and 7.x VMware Carbon Black EDR servers.

This document provides information about the operating environment requirements for deployments of Carbon Black EDR, including disk and bandwidth requirements and supported operating systems. The document also includes guidance on the performance and scalability considerations (by number of endpoints), HA / DR recommendations, VDI support information, and data retention considerations.

See the Comments section of this article or the Change Log in the document for a summary of changes since the previous version.

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There are no technical changes to this version of this guide.


Can you tell if RHEL8.3 is supported as based for CB EDR server or not ?

In OER on page 11 it point that only CentOS 6.7-6.10 and CentOS 7.3-7.8 are supported.

In OER appendix A (page 12) it looks like RHEL/CentOS 8.1-8.2 is also supported, but in release notes for version 7.4.2 as a big update you declare that RHEL/CentOS 8.3 is supported.

Which of these statements is true? Can you update the document for consistency?

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