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VMware Carbon Black EDR 7.4 Server/Cluster Management Guide

VMware Carbon Black EDR 7.4 Server/Cluster Management Guide

Important: This documentation is being posted prior to general availability of the release. Please monitor the User Exchange for the release announcement.

Note: This document applies to all 7.4 versions.

The VMware Carbon Black EDR Server/Cluster Management Guide explains how to manage Carbon Black EDR servers and clusters. It includes the following topics:

  • Server Overview – Provides an overview of the Carbon Black EDR server technology stack, daemons, configuration, and logs.
  • Installing the Carbon Black EDR Server – Explains how to install/initialize a new Carbon Black EDR server, as well as how to upgrade, troubleshoot, and uninstall the server.
  • Server Backup and Restoration – Explains how to perform various backup and restore procedures.
    Ports and Protocols – Provides a collection of tables that detail port and protocol information for several different server communications.
  • Installing a Carbon Black EDR Cluster – Introduces Carbon Black EDR clusters and explains how to configure clusters, add minions to existing clusters, remove minion nodes from clusters, and upgrade cluster nodes.
  • Using CBCLUSTER as a Non-Root User – Describes how to use the CBCLUSTER command as a non-root user.

See the Comments section for changes to this document since the previous version.

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The VMware Carbon Black EDR 7.4 Cluster/Server Management Guide contains the following changes:

  • Updated "Using CBCLUSTER as a Non-Root User"
  • Fixed EL8 installation instructions
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