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VMware Carbon Black EDR Linux Sensor v7.0.2 Release Notes

VMware Carbon Black EDR Linux Sensor v7.0.2 Release Notes

This document provides information for users upgrading to CB EDR Linux Sensor v7.0.2 from previous versions as well as users new to CB EDR. The key information specific to this release is provided in the following major sections:

  • Installation Instructions - Describes installation instructions of the Linux sensor
  • New features – Describes new features introduced in this release.
  • Corrective content – Describes issues resolved by this release as well as more general improvements in performance or behavior.
  • Known issues and limitations – Describes known issues or anomalies in this version that you should be aware of.
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Hi ,Why is there stated this in release notes when it is not actually working? Have you even tested this fix before it was released?

"Block inadvertent upgrade to 7.x series sensor on el6 distros. [CB-33477]"

We have pushed this upgrade in a good faith that this is something which will work but instead of skipping upgrade on customers RHEL 6.10 servers it actually unloaded kernel modul uninstalled sensor 6.3.4 and then when it figured out that the kernell module is not supported it left the server just like that without sensor installed. 

How can you explain that?


@struhar Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We ran the tests internally and confirm that the 7.0.2-lnx sensors will go offline if installed on EL6 distros. The release notes for the 7.0.2-lnx sensor have been updated with the warning. 

Please note that the latest EDR server v7.4.0 has a check on the server to block EL6 distros from installing 7.x sensors. This problem will be addressed on the Linux senor in the next release (v7.0.3-lnx).

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. 

Thank you,

Team Carbon Black EDR Linux 




I am just curious if there is any kind of option to enable such check in EDR server 7.4.0. I have gone through the release notes and also through the user guide but I cannot find any refenrence to this.

Do I need to change anything in the EDR server configuration or is that done automaticaly to prevent the upgrade to push 7.x sensors to EL6 distros?


Thansk and Regards



@struhar we have recently found a typo in the logic for preventing the upgrades which allows RHEL distros to still upgrade while CentOS will be blocked. This will be fixed in our upcoming 7.4.2 server release. 

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