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Windows App Control v8.6.0 Agent Installer Download

Windows App Control v8.6.0 Agent Installer Download

Attached below is the 8.6.0 ( App Control Windows agent Host Package Installer.

The Host Package Installer allows this agent to be installed on CB App Control 8.1.4+ servers.  

Please see the release notes for more information.

WindowsHostPackageInstaller_8. SHA256: 23eb390f1083e93f2b7028b7d03de2ab2d7b8317ec5e1d9daf536d6a8c2a4996


Click here to download


  • Depending on your CB App Control Server version, you may need to run the Certificate Installer before installing the 8.6.0 Windows agent.  You can see more information about the Certificate Installer here.  
  • For all new 8.1.4 and above installations and for upgrades that want the latest rules, a rules installer must also be uploaded to the server. 




The download link isn't working.

*Edit: Works now.

Still doesn't work:


HTTP Status 500 –

type Status Report

Description http.500

Sorry, the link seems to fail for a variety of reasons; sometimes an incognito browser helps, as does not being on VPN.  Can you pls let me know if either solved the issue?

type Status Report

Description http.403

With an Incognito Browser and without it! (I had the http 500 as well. Seems like you get the 403 the first time and then when you retry you get a 500)


I just get "error making http request: Socket closed" in any mode or browser.

Looks like the download is still not working. I am getting this error message:


error making http request: Connection refused (Connection refused)


@bkhickman apologies - we just cutover to a new backend system and there was an issue.  Should be all set now.

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