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6.1.0 Slow Process Analysis Page Performance

6.1.0 Slow Process Analysis Page Performance


Cb Response 6.1.0


Process Analysis page is slow to load when expanding the time window on noisy processes such as chrome


Spinning wheel remains for over a minute after adjusting the timeline


In 5.2.x, a new segment (event container) is created for every 10K events with long-lived processes. The UI did not give the user the ability to scroll back and forth between multiple segments of a process. So, if the search landed you on one particular segment of that process, that’s all you got. It was more performant even though it really did not give you the entire visibility.

In 6.x, we are rendering the timeline from the entire set of segments of a process, which may mean days and especially if the user extends the slider to a wider timeframe, rendering of 10000s of events become sluggish, especially if the user is also asking Threat Intel Cloud for additional information.



Avoid expanding the timeline beyond four hours


In the next Server Release 6.1.1 we will be limiting the time window and query additional information from the Threat Intel Cloud more efficiently. You can look for CB-13662 in the release notes for more information.

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