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Agent deployed on a Mac client is not associated with any Bit9 Server

Agent deployed on a Mac client is not associated with any Bit9 Server


7.0.x, 7.2.x



Bit9 agent installed on a Mac machine is not showing on Bit9 Console.



The Bit9 Agent is installed using a deployment tool (e.g. Casper). After the Bit9 Agent installation, it is not showing on the Bit9 console.


./b9cli --status returns the following information:


CurrentTime[Tue Sep 16 16:34:57 2014]

Version Information

CLI: Thu Aug 28 19:11:27 2014 (Patch 3)

Server: Not Connected

Agent: Thu Aug 28 19:11:27 2014 (Patch 3)

Kernel: Thu Aug 28 19:11:27 2014 (Patch 3)


Enforcement Information

Current: None (Disabled)

Connected: None (Disabled)

Disconnected: None (Disabled)

Kernel: None (Disabled)


Cache Information

Cache State: Pre-initialization (Priority 1) (0%)

Cache Check: Not running

Global Approvals: 0 (0 Active)

Global Bans: 0 (0 Active)

Local Files: 0 (0 cached, 0 lingering)

Local Names: 0 (0 cached, 0 not persistent)

Remote Files: 0

Under Analysis: 0 Started, 0 Ready, 0 Initiated

Analyzed: 1

Database Read Pool: Active:2, Available:2, Max:0

Database R/W Pool: Active:1, Available:1, Max:0

Database Server Pool: Active:1, Available:1, Max:1

Database Ops: 0 Outstanding, 71 Processed

Kernel Ops: 0 Outstanding, 0 Max queue ms


Server Information

Server: :0

Status: Unknown

Policy: (0-00000000)

Config List: 0 of 0 (100%)

Unsent Events: 1 (0 not ready, 0 total)

Unsent Updates: 0 (0 not ready)

Sent Queue: 0-0

Prioritized: No


Client Information

Connection: Disconnected(HTTP Error 0)

Session: Inactive

Certificates: Verify, Allow Expired

Debug Level: None (0) Duration: Session

Kernel Level: 2/00000000

Dump Format: Full (0 found)

Network Trace: Disabled

Tamper Protection: Enabled

System Update: Inactive




The results above indicates that the agent installation was not done by pushing the entire DMG file. The PKG expects the configlist.xml and other server.config files to be in the same directory as the main package.



Make sure that the entire DMG is pushed by the deployment tool and not only one package.

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