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Agent is failing to upgrade and the kernel status shows Not Connected

Agent is failing to upgrade and the kernel status shows Not Connected


  1. 6.0.x, 7.0.x


Specific agent(s) are failing to upgrade while other agents on the system upgrade with no issues.

The agents failing to upgrade shows the following status on the Bit9 console:

Policy status: Unprotected

Upgrade status: Reboot Required

Reboot of the agent machine does not resolve the issue.


- After the machine reboots, the Parity service is not running but manual start is successful.

- When running dascli status on the agent machine it shows:

          Version Information

          CLI: 3/14/2014 10:24:44 AM (Patch 13)

          Agent: 3/14/2014 10:24:44 AM (Patch 13)

          Kernel:     Not Connected

          Server: 4/24/2014 7:56:30 PM (Patch 14)

- The upgrade log files: %programdata%\Bit9\Parity Agent\Logs\ParityAgentInstall_<timestamp>.log bounce back between 2 types of messages.

Some logs shows:

          MSI (s) (64:18) [16:26:39:750]: Running as a service.

          MSI (s) (64:80) [16:26:39:859]: Message context already initialized, returning ERROR_INSTALL_ALREADY_RUNNING

- While other logs show the following:

          MSI (c) (28:40) [16:26:39:390]: Failed to grab execution mutex. System error 258.

          MSI (c) (28:40) [16:26:39:812]: Cloaking enabled.

          MSI (c) (28:40) [16:26:39:812]: Attempting to enable all disabled privileges before calling Install on Server

          MSI (c) (28:40) [16:26:39:828]: Incrementing counter to disable shutdown. Counter after increment: 0

          MSI (c) (28:40) [16:26:40:000]: Decrementing counter to disable shutdown. If counter >= 0, shutdown will be denied.  Counter after decrement: -1

          MSI (c) (28:40) [16:26:40:000]: MainEngineThread is returning 1618


Something is holding the windows installer service in use or locking it during the attempt to install the Bit9 patch.


Use the Microsoft Fixit tool to resolve the issue:

  1. Go to:
  2. Select Windows > Install or Upgrade Software or Hardware > Install or remove Programs > “Fix problems that programs cannot be installed or uninstalled”

Following this, the upgrade of the agent will complete successfully.

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