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All Products: Does VMware Carbon Black Support [Product Name]?

All Products: Does VMware Carbon Black Support [Product Name]?


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Does VMware Carbon Black Support [Product Name]?


  • If a third party product or application has not been specifically cited in VMware Carbon Black documentation or Knowledge Base as either "Supported" or "Unsupported" then compatibility can be assumed unless and until an issue or limitation is found.
  • It is not possible for CB to perform on demand testing of third party applications, however, if an issue is observed please Open a Support Case and we can investigate to determine if an issue or limitation exists.

Additional Notes

  • We always recommend testing on small scale first before deploying broadly, if an issue is observed, please create a case so we can investigate.
  • Supported - Indicates that the product or application was systematically tested by VMware Carbon Black Quality Assurance(QA) team for Support or Integration with a Carbon Black Product
  • Compatible – Indicates that the item was not specifically tested, but supportability can be assumed based on prior testing or in the absence of any discovered or reported issues and limitations.
  • If Official Support is required for a product which isn’t otherwise cited in our Documentation or Knowledge Base, support may be requested via Feature Request. 

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