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All Products: How To Complete the Outsourcer Authorization Form

All Products: How To Complete the Outsourcer Authorization Form


  • All Products: All Versions
  • Existing customer of Carbon Black
  • Monitoring Partner
  • Supporting Partner


What information is required to complete the Outsourcer Authorization form?


The submission of the Outsourcer Form must be submitted by the customer and not the partner

    1. Fill in "Customer Name" line: This is name of the company authorizing the addition or removal of the partner.
    2. Fill in the "Outsourcer (Partner) Name" line: Print the company name of the partner to whom authorization is being provided.
    3. "Select the Outsourcer Access level from the options below": Check applicable box(es) to select level of authorization:
      • First box (1a. MONITORING PARTNER) will allow both the customer and the partner to open cases on behalf of the customer/client account. Partner is added as a Monitoring Partner.
      • Second box (1b. PARTNER MANAGEMENT ACCESS TO CONSOLE) will provide direct access to the Carbon Black Cloud console.
      • Third box (2. REMOVE MONITORING PARTNER ACCESS) will revoke the partner's access to raise support cases on behalf of the customer and access to the customers Carbon Black Cloud console - Monitoring Partner Only
      • Fourth box (3. SUPPORT SERVICES) changes all support to be through the partner and partner will open cases on account's behalf as needed.  This will also provide the partner access to the account's Carbon Black Cloud console. Partner is added as a Supporting Partner.
    NOTE: Check only the boxes applicable to your desired level of authorization. Contradictory options will require the form to be resubmitted correctly and cause delay in processing.
    1. Fill in the "Carbon Black Product(s) the above authorization applies to:" line: Specify the specific product or products the customer owns licenses to which the partner is authorized or revoked access. Some Carbon Black product examples are:
      • Carbon Black Cloud: (Endpoint Standard, Enterprise EDR, Workloads, Audit & Remediation, etc.)
      • App Control
      • EDR
      • Hosted EDR
    2. Fill in the "Signature" line: An authorized representative of the company specified in the "Customer Name" field must sign this line.
    3. Fill in the "Printed Name" line: Print the name of the signatory.
    4. Fill in the "Title" line: Print the title of the signatory.
    5. Fill in the "Date" line: Provide completion date of the Outsourcer Authorization Form

    Additional Notes

    • The Outsourcer (OAF) form must be filled out and attached to a support case submitted by the customer who is requesting the partnership, not the partner.
    • Selecting (1b) doesn't include (1a) unless (1a) is also selected.
    • A Supporting Partner cannot be removed through option 2 of the Outsourcer Authorisation form, even if added by selecting "3) SUPPORT SERVICES" on the form. A Supporting Partner can only be removed at point of renewal.

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