All Products: How to Collect a low Altitude Procmon Capture

All Products: How to Collect a low Altitude Procmon Capture


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To collect a low altitude Process Monitor (ProcMon) capture.


  1. Download Procmon
  2. Run Procmon as an Administrator and close the application to create the registry entries needed
  3. Open Regedit.exe and find "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Procmon23\Instances\Process Monitor 23 Instance"
  4. Adjust "Altitude" to "2000"
  5. To avoid resetting the change right click on the "Process Monitor 23 Instance" key and select Permissions...
  6. Select "Advanced" 
  7. Under the Permissions tab, select "Add"
    • Open "Select Principle" and type "everyone". Hit "Check Names" and then OK
    • Type: Deny
    • Applies to: This key and subkeys
    • Show Advanced Permissions
    • Select only "Set Value" and "Delete"
  8. Click Apply for both "Advanced Security Settings for Process Monitor 23 Instance" and "Permissions for Process Monitor 23 Instance" to take affect
  9. Reboot the machine to take affect
  10. When running a procmon capture, you can confirm the altitude did not revert by running this Command Line as Admin
    Will show PROCMON23 at the bottom of the list with an altitude of 2000
  11. Please zip the capture and upload to CBVault

Additional Notes

  • Procmon23 is the version installed in this example. The value will vary depending on the Procmon version installed
  • The Altitude allows the sensor information to be captured as it is too low for the default setting
  • Permissions change has to be made as Procmon will automatically revert the change
  • Reboot is required as the Procmon filter driver is hooked into the kernel driver and unable to unload unless rebooted.
  • For EDR Sensors 7.2.0 and higher, Tamper Protection will need to be disabled

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