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All Products: How to Upgrade Java JDK on CentOS 6 and 7

All Products: How to Upgrade Java JDK on CentOS 6 and 7


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  • Java OpenJDK
  • CentOS 6: All Supported Versions
  • CentOS 7: All Supported Versions


To upgrade to the latest Java OpenJDK platform


  1. From CentOS, open Terminal.
  2. Confirm which Java version is currently installed.
java -version
  1. Browse and find the preferred, available Java OpenJDK.
    yum list *openjdk*
  2. Install the required version of Java.
yum install java-<version here>-openjdk
  1. Set the home environment for Java.
    1. Type:
      update-alternatives --config java
    2. Choose the appropriate selection according to the number shown.
  2. Confirm that the latest version of Java has been installed.
java -version

Additional Notes

  • Upgrading major versions of Java OpenJDK on the application server of on-prem EDR is not recommended.
  • If a specific Java OpenJDK version does not appear as being available this is due most likely to CentOS version incompatibility.

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