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All Products: How to gather a System Report from a Mac

All Products: How to gather a System Report from a Mac


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For some investigations or Support cases,  it may be necessary to capture a summary of the Hardware, Software and Network configuration from a Mac. This is referred to as a System Report, and can be gathered via the System Information Utility. In earlier versions of OS X, this is called System Profiler. 


  1. Open System Information (Apple Menu > About This Mac > System Report)
  2. Choose File > Save
A .zip containing this report information will be saved to the chosen location. This information can either be opened in System Information on any Mac, or in any text editor on other machines.

Additional Notes

For a preview of the System Information Window, along with additional methods of locating and launching the System Information Utility, see the "About System Information on your Mac" article linked below under Related Content.

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