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All Products: How to submit a new feature request

All Products: How to submit a new feature request


All Carbon Black products


Request a feature to be incorporated into Carbon Black Cloud, App Control, EDR Products


  1. Submit feature requests through your account team
  2. Alternatively, submit a feature through the Voice of the Customer page:
    • Navigate to the VoC portal
    • Click the blue + button in the lower left hand corner
    • Include as much detail as possible on the feature request
    • Select importance of the feature
    • Include contact email
    • Click Submit

Additional Notes

Common best practices for describing a feature/enhancement request: 
  • One feature request per Idea
  • Who will benefit from the proposed change?
  • Why is the proposed change valuable to them?
  • What is their exact use case and/or desired end-result?
  • Contrast with current functionality where applicable
  • Don't be too prescriptive, focus on use case/end-result rather than technicalities of how it could be achieved
  • Be concise

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