App Control: Agent Logs Continue Increasing in Size

App Control: Agent Logs Continue Increasing in Size


  • App Control (formerly CB Protection): All Supported Versions


Content of App Control Logs folder keeps growing and using up all the disk space


Logging might have been left enabled or the App Control Agent needs further diagnosis


  1. Open an elevated command prompt
  2. Run the following commands in order
  • cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Bit9\Parity Agent  (adjust the path if necessary).
  • dascli status
  1. Verify that the Debug Level is on 0, Kernel Level is at 2, and Network Trace is disabled. If any of them were left on, please run the following commands to turn them off:
  • dascli password <Either the CLI or global password can be entered here without the brackets>
  • dascli debuglevel 0
  • dascli kerneltrace 2
  • dascli nettrace 0
  1. If the above logging is already on the default value and the logs continues to grow, please run this command to capture the logs and submit a case for investigation:
  1. Run this command to clear the logs and free up disk space:
  • dascli flushlogs

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