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App Control: Anti-Virus Exclusions for Agent (Mac)

App Control: Anti-Virus Exclusions for Agent (Mac)


  • App Control Agent: All Supported Versions
  • Apple macOS: All Supported Versions


What exclusions are recommended to be added to other security products for the Agent on macOS devices?


/Applications/Bit9/Daemon/b9daemonAgent Process
/Applications/Bit9Agent Program Directory
/Library/Caches/com.bit9.agentAgent Data Directory (10.8 and lower)
/Library/Application Support/com.bit9.AgentAgent Data Directory (10.9 and higher)
/System/Library/Extensions/b9kernel.kextAgent Driver (10.8 and lower)
/Library/Extensions/b9kernel.kextAgent Driver (10.9 and higher)
/Applications/Bit9/Agent/ System Extension (Big Sur 11.0 and higher)
Bundle ID : com.vmware.carbonblack.appc-es-loader.appc-es-extension

Additional Notes

  • Some vendors require trailing asterisks (*) when entering exclusions. Sub-folders should be included in the exclusions. Please refer to the vendors documentation.
  • The agent is considered a "Real Time" scanner. It also has a self-protection mechanism to mitigate tampering with the agents services or files. It is important to set these exclusions up as interference from other security products can cause inter-operability and performance issues.

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