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App Control: E-mail Notifications Are Not Being Sent

App Control: E-mail Notifications Are Not Being Sent


  • App Control Server: All Supported Versions


The following error is received then clicking test e-mail: "Test mail error: Unable to connect to the remote server"


This can potentially be caused by:
  • A problem with the network connectivity between the App Control server and the e-mail server
  • Third party antivirus interfering with the Reporter service
  • SMTP emails being caught as spam


  • Confirm whether or not it's a network connectivity issue:
    • While logged in as the Carbon Black Service Account user, telnet to port 25 for unsecured configuration, or ports 465 and 587 for secure configurations.
  • Confirm the Server Exclusions in any antivirus/security products on the application server.
  • Confirm that no SMTP email security software is blocking the email.

Additional Notes

If it is required add the SMTP email to an 'approved list'

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