App Control: How To Collect Agent Performance Logs (Windows)

App Control: How To Collect Agent Performance Logs (Windows)


  • App Control Agent (Formerly CB Protection): All Versions
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions


To collect diagnostics for cases involving performance impacts.


  1. Login to the system having performance issues
  2. Open an admin CMD prompt
  3. Run commands
    cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bit9\Parity Agent"
    dascli password <EnterCLIPasswordHere>
    dascli setconfigprop max_rolling_trace_size_mb=0
    dascli resetcounters
    dascli flushlogs
    dascli tamperprotect 0
    dascli debuglevel 6
    dascli kerneltrace 4 -1
    dascli nettrace 1
    dascli diagnostics +performance
  4. Start a Procmon capture
  5. Collect up to 15 mins of data during the ongoing performance issues
  6. Stop the Procmon capture and save all events as a PML file
  7. Run commands:
    dascli capture C:\temp\ -- Change to desired name and location
    dascli password <EnterCLIPasswordHere>
    dascli setconfigprop max_rolling_trace_size_mb=50
    dascli debuglevel 0
    dascli kerneltrace 2
    dascli nettrace 0
    dascli diagnostics -performance
    dascli tamperprotect 1
  8. Please zip all files and upload them to the CB Vault here -
  9. Once the upload completes, please comment on the support case that the data is available for review

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