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App Control: How To Enable Common Platform Enumeration (CPE)

App Control: How To Enable Common Platform Enumeration (CPE)


  • App Control Console: Version 8.10.2 and Higher


How to enable and configure the Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) feature.


  1. Log in to the Console.
  2. Go to Assets > Applications > CPE Applications.
  3. Click the Configure CPE button (or the gear icon next to the Applications page title).
  4. Choose the desired Mode.
    • Off: Turn CPE matching and synchronization off.
    • Automatic: Specify the automatic interval for synchronization.
    • Manual: Only synchronize and match when initiated on demand.
  5. If desired, choose the option to Execute sync and matching now.
  6. Click Save

Additional Notes

  • This feature is not supported on Windows Server 2012.
  • The Default URL for CPE is:
  • The CPE Applications must be enabled for the CVE Instances feature to be populated.
  • NIST Deprecated the API used by Server version 8.8.0 - 8.10.0. An upgrade to 8.10.2+ is required to continue using this feature.
  • More information is available in the User Guide on VMware Docs > Server Documentation > User Guide.

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