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App Control: How To Import a Trusted Communication Certificate

App Control: How To Import a Trusted Communication Certificate


  • App Control Console: 8.7+


To import a Trusted Communication Certificate to the App Control Console.


  1. Acquire the relevant certificate for import.
    • The certificate should not have the Private Key included, as the Trusted Communication Certificates are only the Public Key version.
  2. Login to the App Control Console and navigate to System Configuration > Security > Trusted Communication Certificates.
  3. Click Import Certificates > Choose File > select relevant certificate.
  4. Check the box next to the certificate, set the Trust accordingly, add a Description if necessary.
  5. Click Upload & verify the certificate was added.
Note: If using an alternate RDL verify the updated TrustedCertList.pem file is copied from \Parity Server\hostpkg\ accordingly.

Additional Notes

  • When replacing the App Control Server Certificate, that Certificate will automatically be included in the Trusted Communication Certificates list, and Trusted.
  • Currently it is not possible to delete a Trusted Communication Certificate.
  • Adjusting the Trusted Communication Certificates list will generate a new TrustedCertList.pem file which must be downloaded by the Agents.

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