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App Control: How To Upload Rule and Agent Packages to the Server

App Control: How To Upload Rule and Agent Packages to the Server


  • App Control Console: All Supported Versions
  • Rules Installer: All Supported Versions
  • Agent Installer: All Supported Versions


To install Agent and Rule Packages via the App Control Console.


  1. Log in to the VMware Carbon Black User Exchange.
  2. Navigate to the Release Information and Downloads section of the VMware Docs site for App Control.
  3. Download and extract the latest Rules and/or Agent Installers.
    • Rules Installer  RulesInstaller_VERSION.exe
    • Windows Agent Installer - WindowsHostPackageInstaller_VERSION.exe
    • Mac Agent Installer - MacHostPackageInstaller_VERSION.exe
    • Linux Agent Installer - LinuxHostPackageInstaller_VERSION.exe
  4. Log in to the App Control Console.
  5. Navigate to gear icon > Update Agent/Rule Versions.
  6. Drag and drop (or browse to) the extracted executable for the files (in order):
    • Rules Installer
    • Agent Installers
  7. Confirm the relevant Installer has updated by navigating to: https://ServerAddress/InstallerVersions.php
Note: The App Control Server will require full validation of the certificates associated with the Agent/Rule Installers. If the application server cannot complete this validation, follow the process here.

Additional Notes

  • When a new Agent Host Package installer is uploaded to the Server the current Configlist Version is written to the Shepherd Config MinConfigListVersionForUpgrade
  • Updating the Agent/Rule Installers will require restarting of the App Control Server service. During this process access to the Console will temporarily be unavailable.
  • Do not navigate away from the Update Agent/Rule Versions page while uploads are processing.
  • If using Unified Management to manage multiple App Control Servers: New Rule and Agent Installers must be uploaded to each server separately. The Management Server does not broadcast these packages to the Managed Servers.

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