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App Control: How to Create Template Image for Instant Clones

App Control: How to Create Template Image for Instant Clones


  • App Control Server: 8.7+
  • App Control Agent: 8.7+
  • VMware Horizon Instant Clone Desktop Pool


How to Create Template Image for Instant Clones


  1. Install all required before installing the App Control agent (for new installs)
    • If there is an agent already installed then please do a CC check to verify the file inventory and approve any new files that may have been added since.
  2. Navigate to Assets > Computers > find the Golden Image VM > open the Details > Verify:
  3. On the right  select "Create Template Image" > Ok the warning (you would need to create a snapshot in the VMware console at the same time)
  4. Enter the Template Name
  5. Select "All files" or "New and modified files" inventory
  6. Clone Cleanup > Select Manual or Automatic
  7. Internal Template: keep defaults
    • Internal Template: Standard
      Check the box if Clones are joined to an Active Directory domain
      Prefix: IT
      Suffix: leave blank
      Which characters may exist between the prefix and suffix?
      Check the box for "Numbers (0-9)" only
    • Horizon's default Internal Template name pattern looks like "it1234567", it is very uncommon that this was changed
    • App Control capitalizes the Internal Template name from "it123567" to "IT1234567"
  8. Internal Template Tests: this is only used to verify that the Instant Clone VM names don't accidentally match the Internal Template name since this will cause the App C clone process to fail
    • For example if the Instant Clones are named as "IT1,IT2..." this will match the pattern of the Internal Template name "IT1234567" and the test will fail
    • To pass the test enter a sample Internal Template name and a sample Instant Clone VM name eg.
  9. Save the Template

Additional Notes

  • More details can be found in the App Control User Guide chapter, "Managing Virtual Machines".
  • A sample Template Configuration will look like this:
This is a article attached imageThis is a article attached image

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