App Control: How to Create a Template Computer

App Control: How to Create a Template Computer


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This article will demonstrate how to configure a computer as a template device in App Control.


Use the following steps to mark a computer as a template in App Control: 
  1. On the computer you plan to use as a template, install the platform, application, and other files you want in the template image.
  2. On the computer, install a supported App Control Agent.
  3. After App Control Agent installation, make sure the computer is connected to the App Control Server and let it fully initialize. The initialization progress can be monitored by choosing Assets > Computers on the console menu and clicking on the View Details button next to the name of the computer. Initialization progress is on the Connection History tab of the Computer Details page.
  4. When initialization shows as Complete, make sure that Synchronization is at 100%. Files added to the template computer after the App Control Agent is installed will be included in synchronization, not initialization. Wait for both initialization and synchronization are completed before proceeding to the next steps.
  5. Shut down the computer.
  6. Go to the Computer Details page for the computer, and click Convert to Template on the Advanced menu. The Computer Details page changes to a Template Details page.
  7. When you are satisfied with the configuration on the Template Details page, click Save. The computer now appears in the Computers table as a template.
  8. Create clones from the computer using your virtualization software. They will appear as new computers in the console.

Additional Notes

By default, the Template Name is the name of the computer from which the template was created, but you can change it, add a description, and change the cleanup and inventory parameters on the Template Settings tab

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