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App Control: How to Free Space in the DAS Database

App Control: How to Free Space in the DAS Database


  • App Control Server: All Supported Versions
  • Microsoft SQL Server: All Supported Versions


To free up space in the DAS database.


Warning: Ensure there is a full backup of the DAS database before proceeding, and before each additional step:
  1. Login to the application server as the Carbon Black Service Account and launch SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Changing the Database Recover Model from Full to Simple can reduce size. To shrink log after changing recovery model, execute the query:
    use DAS
  3. Confirm that the DailyPruneTask is completing successfully (Support.php > Scheduled Tasks tab)
  4. Evaluate adjusting the Old Computer Cleanup options
  5. Evaluate lowering the Event Retention settings
  6. Evaluate discarding Microsoft-signed Files at the Agent.
  7. Evaluate configuring Zero Prevalence Pruning.
  8. Manually running the DailyPruneTask stored procedure could help reduce the database size if it has failed to execute recently.
Note: The database may need to be shrunk again if changes were made, or after Zero Prevalence Pruning has had several days to work through changes.

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