App Control: How to Migrate a Server Installation (Single Tier)

App Control: How to Migrate a Server Installation (Single Tier)


  • App Control Server: All Versions (was CB Protection)
  • Microsoft Windows Server: All Supported Versions


How to migrate the App Control server app to a different server.


  1. Make a full backup the DAS database:
  2. Backup the console certificate:
  3. Backup the IIS certificate
  4. Uninstall Cb Protection Server application:
    1. Login to the App Control Server
    2. If the App Control (Formerly Cb Protection) agent is installed on the server, set it to a disabled mode
    3. Navigate to Start > Run > type “appwiz.cpl > click OK.
    4. Programs and Features will open
    5. Find and select "Cb Protection Server" (Bit9 Server in 7.x)
    6. Click "Remove" or "Uninstall"
    7. Wait for uninstall to complete
  5. Restore the DAS database from the full backup file onto the new SQL server
  6. Power down or rename the old device (to avoid ip conflict)
  7. Setup and install App Control on the new server:
    • Cb Protection v8.1.0 Server Installation Guide
    • It's recommended to install the same version that was installed pre-migration (Step 4.5)
    • When prompted, use certificates that were backed up in step 2 and 3
    • When prompted, choose "use existing database"
    • It is recommended to keep the same host name and ip of the previous server. See related content.
  8. Confirm console access.
  9. Confirm devices are connecting.

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