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App Control: How to Set a Global CLI Password

App Control: How to Set a Global CLI Password


App Control (Formerly CB Protection) Console: All Versions


To set a Global CLI Password in the App Control console.


  1. Login to the App Control console.
  2. Navigate to System Configuration (gear icon) > "General" tab.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Under "Agent Management" select radial to enable global password.
  5. Complete  "Enter Password" and "Confirm Password" fields.
  6. Click "Update"

Additional Notes

  • Setting a Global CLI password can be beneficial if you are wanting to apply a configuration (by script or gpo) to multiple agents.
  • An agent has to connect to the server or be reinstalled to receive a new or modified global cli password.
  • Note the global password. Once set the Global CLI password cannot be retrieved
  • Password must be between 1 and 64 characters long, and be in the ASCII character set due to windows command line limitations. Password should not contain the following DOS special characters as some especially older windows os's may not support them: 


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