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App Control: How to Upgrade an App Control Server

App Control: How to Upgrade an App Control Server


  • App Control Server: All Supported Versions
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions


Upgrade an App Control Server installation.


NOTE: The latest Cumulative Update for SQL Server must be installed before upgrading App Control Server.
Please review the SQL Server Upgrade instructions.
  1. Before proceeding with the steps below please be sure to first:
  2. Take a new, known-good, full backup of the DAS database
  3. Login to the App Control Server as the App Control Service Account.
  4. If an Agent is installed on the application server it is recommended to temporarily:
    1. Disable Tamper Protection.
    2. Move it to Local Approval.
  5. Make sure the SQL Agent and Backups/Scheduled Tasks are disabled during the upgrade, as they can cause a lock on the database, resulting in longer upgrades and failure.
  6. Perform upgrade of the App Control Server software.
  7. Once completed, log in to the Console and verify Agents are beginning to show as Connected.
Note: Upgrading the App Control Server software does not upgrade the Agent or Rules Installers. This is done through a separate process.

Additional Notes

  • Some upgrades require a reclassification of rules. This takes place automatically after an upgrade, the Console could be down for 5-30 minutes on average while this classification takes place.
  • During the Server upgrade: Agents will continue to enforce based on the Disconnected Enforcement Level specified in the Policy. By default, this is the same as the Connected Enforcement Level.
  • Event information is stored locally in the Agent's cache and reported to the Server once the connection is restored.
  • The App Control Console will not be available while the upgrade is taking place.
  • For more detailed instructions, please refer to the "Server Installation Guide" for the version being upgraded to.
  • For upgrading the App Control Agents, please see the relevant user guide for the version installed.
  • App Control Server Install logs can be found here.

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