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App Control: How to install Linux agents without Notifiers

App Control: How to install Linux agents without Notifiers


CB App Control Agent: All Supported Linux versions


This article discusses the ability to install the CB App Control agent on a Linux device without the graphical dependencies of Notifiers


For Linux systems that are not running a graphic interface package or prefer to eliminate user interaction for some other reason, the agent for Linux can be installed without the notifier using the -n option added as a flag on the installation script command for the agent, as shown below:
sudo sh ./ -n


Additional Notes

  • On a system that you choose to run without the notifier, install an agent with a Low or High Enforcement policy.  Agents in Medium Enforcement policies prompt users to allow or block many actions, and this prompt will not be available without a notifier.
  • Further information on Linux agent installation can be found in User Guides here

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