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App Control: Publisher Block Due to MinKeyLength Less Than 512

App Control: Publisher Block Due to MinKeyLength Less Than 512


  • App Control Server: All Supported Versions
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions


  • Publisher block with error: (IneligibleForApproval: ChainIdx[1] CertId[ # ] MinKeyLength[512] Actual[256])]
  • File is using an EC 256-bit certificate


Agent is not expecting a certificate type with a MinKeyLength of less than 512.


  1. Login to the App Control Console.
  2. Navigate to: https://ServerAddress/agent_config.php
  3. Click Show Filters > Add filter > Value > contains: minimum_cert_key_size > Apply
  4. Click Edit (pencil icon) next to the resulting Agent Config.
  5. Change the Value to: minimum_cert_key_size=256
  6. Click Save
NOTE: This will change the required minimum key length for all certificates, regardless of the type. Please consider the overall security posture and whether a Custom Rule would work in place of the Publisher Approval.


Additional Notes

  • Some certificate types have different key lengths based on how they were designed.
  • Some certificate types may be more secure with less characters, but confirm before making these changes

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