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App Control: Server Services Missing After Reboot

App Control: Server Services Missing After Reboot


App Control Server: All Supported Versions
App Control Rules Installer: 1.10 -1.14


  • After reboot the App Control Server and Reporter services are missing in the Services console (services.msc)
  • Console unavailable due to Fatal Error: The Carbon Black App Control Console cannot connect to the database
  • App Control Server has been uninstalled/re-installed
  • App Control Agent is present on the same system as the App Control server app
  • Rules Installer versions 1.10 to 1.14 have been added previously


There is an issue introduced in the Rules Installer v1.10 that cause the agent's tamper protection to prevent clean uninstall of the App Control app leaving behind a "Delete" registry flag
Subsequently, the OS will delete the services after reboot which causes the App Control server failure


  1. Uninstall/Re-install the App Control server app
  2. Add the latest Rules Installer v.1.16 available HERE
  3. Next either:
  • Apply the registry fix available HERE
  • Manually delete the following registry values if they exist:

Additional Notes

This issue EP-15460 has been resolved in the Rules Installer v1.16 per release notes

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