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App Control: Setting Agent Database Integrity Check

App Control: Setting Agent Database Integrity Check


  • App Control Agent: All Supported Versions
  • App Control Console: All Supported Versions


How to configure the Agent to use the mode "Integrity" instead of the default "Performance". This can be useful when there is an issue with reoccurring and widespread cache corruption in an environment.


To adjust the Database Integrity check:

  1. Login to the Console and go to https://ServerName/agent_config.php.
  2. Click Show Filters > Add filter > Value > contains: cache_access
  3. Click View Details (pencil icon) and adjust accordingly:
    • Value: cache_access=2  (confirm there are no spaces before or after)
    • Status: Enabled
  4. Save

Additional Notes

  • By default the Agent focuses on maximizing performance. This setting lowers the chance of cache corruption, however it may negatively impact performance of the Agent.
  • It is also possible this performance impact on the Agent will create Unanalyzed Blocks, especially if the application is running from a network drive.
  • Prior to deploying the property broadly it should be tested on several machines representative of the environment.
  • Please do NOT make any additional change on the agent_config.php page as it may cause unexpected behavior or potentially break the installation.

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