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App Control: Uninstalling the Agent Using the Uninstall Utility

App Control: Uninstalling the Agent Using the Uninstall Utility


  • App Control Agent: 7.0+
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions


  • This document describes how to uninstall an Agent using the Uninstall Utility.


To ensure the highest chance of success when using the Agent Uninstall Utility please note:
  • The Global CLI Password is still required to utilize the Uninstall Utility.
  • If the Agent is in a Disconnected state, or you are unable to otherwise authenticate with the Agent, please first attempt the Safe Mode Removal Method.
  • The Agent Uninstall Utility is meant as a method of, "Last Resort" when standard uninstallation fails and should not be used otherwise.
To obtain & utilize the Agent Uninstall Utility:
  1. Attempt the Safe Mode Removal Method and collect the failed Agent Uninstall Log.
  2. Open a case with Technical Support and provide the failed Agent Uninstall Log to request the latest version of the Agent Uninstall Utility.
  3. Save the utility to a directory other than where the Agent is currently installed.
  4. From an administrative command prompt issue the following command with the Global CLI Password:
    AgentUninstallUtility.exe -password GlobalCLIPassword -logfile "%userprofile%\Desktop\UninstallUtility.log"
  5. Reboot the endpoint, and run the utility again, as some registry keys or files are in use during the first run of the utility.
If the Agent is still present on the system the uninstall logs from the utility will be necessary to investigate further.

Additional Notes

  • It may be necessary to run the Microsoft Troubleshooter to remove all references to the Bit9 Agent or App Control Agent from the Windows Installer Service.
  • The -password option is required and either the Global CLI Password or (if enabled prior to being disconnected) the per-Agent CLI Password can be used.
  • As of Version 8.1.0 Patch 3, the per-Agent CLI Password is no longer accepted. The Global CLI Password must be used.
  • The latest Agent Uninstall Utility is version

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