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App Control: What Happens When an Agent is Disconnected?

App Control: What Happens When an Agent is Disconnected?


  • App Control Agent: All Supported Versions


What happens on the endpoint when the Agent cannot communicate with the Server?


  • Agents will honor the Disconnected Enforcement Level as configured in the relevant Policy. By default the Enforcement Levels for Disconnected and Connected are identical.
  • Agents will not receive new Rules, Approvals, Bans, Agent Management, or any other data that would involve communication with the Server
  • Agents will store up to 5,000 Events locally, and send the Events once the connection is restored.

Additional Notes

Should the 5,000 Event threshold be reached; Agents will purge Health Check and Informational type Events from the local cache before purging Block and Malware related Events.

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