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App Control: What Triggers the Malicious File Detected Event?

App Control: What Triggers the Malicious File Detected Event?


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What triggers the “Malicious File Detected” Event?


The "Malicious File Detected" Events occurs in two scenarios:
  1. Following a "New File on Network" Event for a file that is already assigned a Malicious reputation.
  2. When the Carbon Black Reputation (or another integrated service) has updated the file's reputation to Malicious.

Additional Notes

  • The "Alert Triggered" Events only occur once per "Malicious File Detected" Alert. If the Alert is not reset between Events, there will only be one "Alert Triggered" Event.
  • Connector settings can be found in the Console > System Configuration (gear icon) > Connectors.
  • More information on what determines the Carbon Black File Reputation of Malicious can be found here.
  • To report a False Positive or False Negative please follow the instructions outlined here.

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