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App Control: What ports are required to be open?

App Control: What ports are required to be open?


  • App Control Server: All Supported Versions
  • App Control Agent: All Supported Versions


Which ports are required to be open on the firewall for the App Control ?


For App Control Server and Agent communication:
  • 41002 - Communication port between Agent and Server and incremental CL Updates
  • 443 - Console access and file transfer between Agent and Server (Yara rules, Full CL updates, agent upgrades, agent logs,etc).
For App Control Server and CDC Connection:
  • 443 to
For SQL Server in a Two-tier Environment (database on a different application server than Console):
  • 1433 - Configurable default port for SQL Server.

Additional Notes

  • SSL Inspection is not supported for communication between the Agents and Server.
  • The resource download location can be changed:
  • 41002 is configurable during server install.
  • Further detail about the ports, and communication requirements can be found in the Operating Environment Requirements guide under Server Documentation.
  • The source port opened by the Agent will be determined by the OS ephemeral port configuration and is not determined by the App Control Agent.
  • If using a Proxy for Internet Access this information must be set at the OS Layer as well to ensure Certificate Revocation List Checks are able to be conducted.

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