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App Control: When Do I Run the DeleteOrphanedNames_x.x.x.bat?

App Control: When Do I Run the DeleteOrphanedNames_x.x.x.bat?


  • App Control Server: 8.0.x - 8.6.x
  • FilePath_Pruning_Scope_AllVersion.sql script
  • All Versions


When do I run the DeleteOrphanedNames_x.x.x.bat from the


The DeleteOrphanedNames_x.x.x.bat (part of the package) should be used to clear orphaned filename and pathnames when the system has a high percentage of orphaned entries as determined by the 'FilePath_Pruning_Scope_AllVersion.sql'.

Additional Notes

  • A code change was added in Server version 8.7 to reuse unused rows. As such this script is not supported on 8.7 and Higher
  • So the' FilePath_Pruning_Scope_AllVersion.sql' script does NOT reveal anything in regards to the need for Reseed operation. This will show the number of orphaned filenames and pathnames in the DAS database tables only.

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