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Backup Exec server generates excessive events

Backup Exec server generates excessive events





Csc.exe generates a lot of “File group created” events for each file that is being backed up. 

The backup Server becomes slow and agents running backup software will have a low sync percentage that won’t be able to stay up at expected levels.



Create an agent config property (/agent_config.php page) with a value of:

no_group=Reg:HKLM-SoftwareX86\Microsoft\.NetFramework\InstallRoot>*\csc.exe, <Reg:HKLM\Software\Microsoft\.NetFramework\InstallRoot>*\csc.exe

Alternative Solution

An “ignore writes” (Performance Optimization) rule with the same process patterns, indicated above, would also solve the problem but would result in a loss of visibility for the backed up files.

After creating the rule, it may take a little while to see the results since the server and agent need to process the backlog of events/data. 


Internal Notes

Internal Notes [Backup Exec server generates excessive events]

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